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Support for All Types of Credentials

Issuance solutions are US GSA FIPS 201 approved, and can span from purchased issuance stations (printer/camera/software) which are operated in-house through graphical personalization (printing) as a managed service.

Because the majority of Physical Access Control Systems (PACS) utilize the contactless interfaces of smart cards/prox cards, the Tiers of Trust credentials are interoperable with full dual interface cards for use in most existing building access control systems. A multi-user mobile security platform is available that supports all types of smart card credentials, and can be extended to legacy bar codes and magnetic stripe features.

Handheld ruggedized computing platforms for field usage can be utilized which authenticate identity and training certifications, Emergency Support Functions (ESF’s) and Sector Information.

Cost Savings—A contactless only DESfire smart card credential is less expensive than a smart card with a gold contact chip. Contactless is faster in reading, more resilient in hazardous environments, and different levels of privileged trust can be incorporated.

FIPS 201 Mandatory Fields—The mandatory fields specified by FIPS 201 for the contactless interface are included, and depending upon the card model selected and corresponding size, optional fields can also be included.

Digital Certificates— Digital certificates from Federal Bridge Certified providers are available, and jurisdictions can also select to house a certificate authority in their own data center. The digital certificates guarantee that the credential is authentic.

Multi-purpose Credentials— Contactless is the current standard for building and facility access control, and the same credential badge can also be leveraged for computer network access, as well as encryption and signing of emails, documents, files, etc..

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